My Teams thumbnails!

Robert and Lorna were really busy digitally  and they were creating an abundance of thumbnails experimenting with different ideas and concepts. They each incorporate the characters a lot more than I did and their results were amazing.

Lorna created these amazing  thumbnails, that she put a lot of effort in to and you can really see it. She included a few of the characters and kept it very relevant to the previous groups work. This is something that I take inspiration from within Lorna’s work as she keeps it connected to all the work prior to us meeting it, which is great and something I need to focus more one.


Then Robert spent quite a while creating these huge amounts of thumbnails!! He had so much patience to do this, I would have tore my hair out. He created 24 different thumbnails, each with a different element from the world, and experimenting with tones and concepts. He also included characters and elements previously drawn.


My team was amazing and drew so many great things!! The next steps for us was to swap and share what we ha, so we could draw elements of each other’s concepts and create final tonal concepts as a team, each with a little bit of each other in them.


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