Taking it Digital!

So on tuesday Conánn showed us how he sometimes draws and experiments with tonals on photoshop, and I loved the whole playfulness and no planning that went with it.What he would do it create a 9 piece template on one layer and on the layer behind it he would put done various tones, ranging the variants of tones within each frame. After this he would start to refine each frame and depict elements that looked like something in his imagination, creating new scenes and interesting environments. Some playing with the sense of light, using shadows to highlight certain features and some playing with a sense of scale. It was a great exercise and I wanted to attempt it. TEMPLATE AND THINGS
When I  initially started this exercise I thought that I would experiment lots and not try and relate it to the world I was within, just go with whatever I see on the smudges. But as I progressed I found the imagery looking more and more relatable to our world. So I just went with that instead, i’m pretty happy with what I came up with but I definitely could have done better and I would like to try out a few more concepts that are a little more free and a little less flat. Experimenting more with lighting and sense of depth rather than just imagery alone.



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