Life drawing- week 3

This week Michael got us to start thinking about perspective and our approach to drawing perspective when drawing an environment or object. With this he showed up how to draw the core of the uni from where we were sitting.

He showed us that you start with a horizon line and you work from there. After that he showed us how to begin to draw a chair. Sounds simple right? well no, you are wrong.
There was this pile of chairs that was sitting in foundation, we had to begin drawing them, Michael told us that when beginning to draw a chair you would begin with drawing a box then within that box you would begin to draw the chair.

This allowed you keep the chair legs and back all in the right proportions. It was actually very enjoyable to do once you got the hang of it, but initially it was very daunting and your eyes didn’t really know where to focus.

We then went into the life drawing room where we found more chairs we had to draw, these were fun to draw, I still got things a bit wrong.

After that we had to draw it again and then the subject came in and sat down on the chair for us to attempt to draw.

My first attempt was pretty terrible, but after that I went for another attempt, this time was a little better, but gosh, it is really hard to draw a person sitting in a chair.



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