Illustration Inspiration!

Ryan Church


Ryan church is a concept artist/illustrator and he did a lot of work for the concept art of Avatar! His work was extremely helpful and the composition within his concepts were very interesting and I would like to try and attempt some of the angles. His use of organic formations in effect to the surroundings were also extremely interesting, because although the hold some similarities to plants you find on this planet they did have to be other worldly and he made sure they were. This method of holding similarities and drawing inspiration from this world and altering it so as it doesn’t look as though it belongs here is something that I would like to try out for our plant world.


Ryan Gitter

So Lorna showed us this guy! And I fell in love with his concept art straight away! He’s crazy super talented and he creates these immense landscapes with surreal attributes; floating rocks, formations in suspension and glowing rock. He takes elements from this world as well and mixes it with his imagination, coming up with these detail ridden pieces of concept art which you just want to fall into. I would love to be able to draw like him, it’s the level to aim for and a mix of over things as well. Anyway I thought he’d be super great to keep looking into as he creates these compositions that cover such vast amounts of land without the frame looking empty and this would be great to be able to try and incorporate into the concepts we have to create . Even if I am not able to take inspiration from him now I know that his work will come in useful to look into at a later stage as well. For your own happiness and goodness for your brain, look into his art!




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