Beginning to draw!

Finally! The drawing begins, Yesterday on my way home from uni I popped into Bradbury Graphics and bought myself some tonal promarkers and I began my first use of them this morning! People seemed very interested in them and I told most of the class where to go to buy them. They were super fun to use and I just drew with the intention of experimenting!


This was the first page of experiments! I wanted to try and incorporate organic formations, including plants and gloopy forms so as to make a atmosphere of clammy insides of a flower. But I also wanted to include a sense of magic? So I put floaty aspects into certain frames. It was just a bit of fun and the group seemed to like them! yey!

I then went out of control with the doodles in this book and did a few more.

After this I tried contrasting the variations a lot more within the tones and attempted different structures, incorporating elements of plants. I also overshadowed scenes with the stigma/pollen stem of the the inside of the tulip in to the sky of some scenes.  Just to show a sense of scale and also to keep it relevant to it being inside a flower.

Unfortunately I didn’t realise the photo’s I had taken are a bit blurry! I shall update this again at some stage with clearer photos. After this I also had a little bit more fun with painting a character (maybe one I slightly made up, oops, but still fun to do)


We did a day of individual work to see what we could come up with separately and to show certain ideas, to see what elements we might come up with. After this we plan to combine certain elements of each other’s work and play about with each others ideas. Next step is to start taking this all digital and having a bit more fun there.


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