Planty plant research!

Okay! So a list of good things to research into for inside a tulip/plant world:

  • Cells of plants (tulip to begin)
  • How cells change
  • Landscaping/architecture
  • The structure of a flower
  • Movies/concept art
  • Tonal concepts

And I think that’s enough for now, but, who knows, we’ll probably stumble upon a lot of other things on our researching hunts.



Flower Structure

We began researching and Lorna found a lot of interesting stuff about Flowers!! Woooohoooo Learning things!!

“Flowers are the reproductive structures produced by plants which belong to the group known as Angiosperms, or ‘Flowering Plants’.  This group includes an enormous variety of different plants ranging from buttercups and orchids to oak trees and grasses. There are about 250,000 known species.”-

An also interesting document about tulips, and it poses some good reflective questions:



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