Inspiring 3D artists!!

Kate Macdowell

We found this artist,Kate Macdowell, who sculpted beautiful pieces that incorporated humans with nature and often played with the idea of death within some of her pieces. I personally found her work very inspiring as she played with form and because they are all 3D pieces they plans and nature looked more real and allowed for you to see how she adapted to the use of nature within her work. I would highly enjoy trying to use some of her work as inspiration for drawing organic formations.

Ellen Jewett

Ellen Jewett, described as a natural history surrealist sculpture. Her work was great to look at as the pieces combined animals and creatures with nature. I think these pieces are very relevant with our work and could pose to be very helpful with showing the characters of the world’s relationship with the environment within the concepts. It could bring a completely different atmosphere to the concepts as they could show the “spirit” or the “personality” of the character and that section of the environment.
You should definitely check her work out and click on it to see it to it’s full power as it’s super intricate and has a lot of beautiful detail.



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