Books Books Books!

Lorna and I met up as Robert had to go to his job! We were still in the looking for inspiration stage so we took off to the library again. We went on the search for some books of flowers, architecture and also landscapes. We thought these books may give us some insight into certain elements, like how people might draw up certain concepts like buildings, and different formations that we could take inspiration from.
It proved to be quite useful, and we had a lot of fun as well!

The initial book we looked at was: The agile rabbit- picture atlas of flowers.. 

Within this book we found very good inspiration for different formations and constructs that we could use to inspire structures within our world, all from variations of flowers. It was good to look through so we took a lot of photos to keep as reference and to draw from at a later stage.

We then looked into another book: Visualising Landscape Architecture. It had a range of various drawings that were done by different people, we found them quite inspiring as they showed us different shapes that you could draw in. Some drawings of landscapes were really intricate and they actually looked as though they were a cell of a flower. It was very helpful.

This book had a huuuuge range of photo’s in it all to do with various parts of nature, and how we adapt our architecture with nature, and combining the elements with each other. It was really interesting and again had a lot of visuals that we could use for inspiration. (Here you can find me falling asleep on a book, because no sleep, never sleep, only book) wooohoo!


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