Time for the moving chair game again!

So today we moved worlds and had a slight change in the team! Cassie had to leave us (Noooooooooo)

So there was only 3 of us left to develop our new world! Which is inside a tulip/plant world? Lorna, Robert and I  got to work, and went straight into researching the old team’s previous work!
Which was class to see what they came up with, here’s some of Kirsten’s drawings:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We then had to grasp what exactly the world was, and from what Robert found out we  found that the world was inside a tulip? But the previous group wasn’t exactly positive either. So we started from there.

This week’s directive is to create tonal concepts for the world we are in. So I got really excited for that as we actually get to start and create visuals for these amazing worlds! As a team we wanted to start with the same visual idea, so first things first we started to brainstorm and wanted to start some research! To the whiteboard we go!

We jotted a few words down that would best describe inside a plant or tulip. We also jotted down a few ideas on what we would want the world to look like; quirky little ideas about scale and bugs then also a list of things we could begin researching for visual inspiration. We were pretty excited as there was a lot to work with and quite a few fun things we could experiment with.

So from here we can begin sketching and researching and endless amounts of ideas!! wooooohooo drawing time!!


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