More drawings for the Marble-ous characters!

Monday morning came and we had a big day ahead of us! We all met up super early to start it off. Discussing the drawings we had done over the weekend and then the plan for the rest of the day!

We were to get it done no matter what! Over the weekend Robert drew up a “how to draw our people” sheet and it was amazing!! Excellent Idea and a lot of help for the rest of us.


We all had a little attempt at drawing the people and also our main man Earl which Robert designed! Mine are below:

Monday was filled with an abundance of experimentation from everyone and the enthusiasm was hyped right up! I couldn’t stop drawing silly characters, and everyone was talking about plans. It was great! We swapped designs and we all practiced each others to make sure we were all able to draw them.
My messing about:

And here are a few of the rest of the team’s awesome drawings  as well!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From here we began to finalise our plans!



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