Final character designs!!

The day has come! We were finally creating our final designs! (wooohooo)

We started by each swapping some designs so as we were not drawing our own creations, some of us stuck with a few we had created! Cassie and Robert were kind enough to bring in very large pieces of paper and we allocated 1 sheet per layer. We wanted the sheets to be large so they were easy to see for the class.

We then drew out the scaling lines so as to show the sense of scale, and we began pencilling in our designs, we were able to rotate on the pages as a couple of us could work on one page at once. After we all completed the pencil sketch versions of our characters, we began inking them, with clean smooth lines, we decided to keep it simple so they all looked similar and so people wouldn’t be able to tell if they were done by 1 person or by 50.



Layer 1-Victorian layer

We wanted the little girl to be called Lorna, it all derived from a joke, but it stuck and the little girl wouldn’t suit any other name. We then kept the main male as Earl as they looked good as a duo. We put Chicken breasts and the Victor von snout in this layer as we thought it would add a bit of fun to the whole world! A lady who was a chicken and she didn’t know about it and her husband who was a pig that just tried to keep her sane.


Layer 2- Forest Layer

Within this layer we designed the characters to look possibly welcoming but also you were a little uncertain on if they could turn and become scary! This was the medium layer, were we mixed and matched animals to form new characters.


Layer 3- Creepy dark Layer

Finally in this layer we planned for the characters to be super scary, but they still needed to fit in the world, so we had to keep them looking similar to the rest of the characters. We also made the characters in this layer HUUUUUGE! (see that little tiny person beside the rabbit-peade?  That’s Lorna, that’s the sense of scale!madness)

It was super fun designing these characters and it was great working with this group!! Such fabulous people!


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