Refining Idea’s!

Time to refine our designs and begin to finalise the outcome of a couple characters from each layer.

We decided that we wanted the general feel of the entire world to be fun and a little upbeat but still hold a sense of creepiness to it!

We started to look into adventure time and how they form characters for such a vast world with such variants in the types of characters! We found that they too had a type of algorithm, applying a certain shape to the arms, certain facial feature, or the way the legs looked, each of these features changed for every character but they had at least one thing from the list that would keep them connected to the rest .

So I spent a night over the weekend sketching up a few Idea’s, experimenting with some adventure time style drawings and combining  that drawing style with my own weird creepy style adapted for this world.

Just having a bit of fun with it all! The chicken lady is called chicken breasts, and she is one sassy feathered woman!


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