Upon return from Life drawing!

I left the team to go to life drawing and upon my return Cassie had been busy. Previously we had talked about how the Marble could have been formed and we liked the idea that a character within the marble could actually cause the marble to move and could create enough momentum to make it move and the whole world would be based around this ( a rather complicated idea, but it was just an idea)

After I came back from life drawing we were all talking and Cassie told us of her idea!

An Idea about there being various layers within the marble and they each hold different qualities, the top layer would be a town/city based in the victorian era, the second layer would be a forest that has a hint of creepiness to it and then the final layer would be super creepy!

We loved this Idea, and we decided to go with it as it had a wide range of opportunities to draw a whole range of characters for this entire world. Plus we really needed to start designing our actual characters, so Cassie got a great Idea at just the right time!

Time to start designing!!



Cassie’s drawing



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