Robert gets an Idea and we ‘Roll’ with it! (hehe roll)

Okay so yes! Robert gets an Idea and tells us about it on the facebook page of ours
“Guys, had an idea and just wanted to post it before I forgot! You know how marbles was like an old fashioned game kids used to play on the street. well, what if instead of the elements we just made the city an old fashioned, Victorian styled place. it would give us a more focused research topic because we could look at the fashion back then and stuff. If you’re all happy enough to stick with the elements it’s no problem for me, just wanted to suggest it! lemme know what you all think!” – Robert

We enjoyed the concept of the world within the marble connecting to the world outside the marble in the period of time it was created!

And we decided to roll with this idea, we decided to meet up the next day to discuss the idea further and to see where we could make it all grow.

Here’s an unrelated to this post, but related to the theme, video of what some people do with marbles!


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