Initial Character designs!

Michael took us for a class today exploring the ways of character design and how to adapt the personality of the character to the way it looks. Also how characters have been made for quick and easy repetition drawing and how we could think about this when designing our own characters.

Michael then gave us a project to complete as a group, it was to initially begin designing characters for our world. We hadn’t quite finalised our world yet so we just had to go with the idea we had!

The elemental Idea! We began sketching straight away, we set out to sketch something different each and then we would show each other and take parts we like from each person’s designs.
This method showed some positives and negatives, the obvious negative was that we all came up with very different designs, but the positive about that was that we had a wide spectrum of ideas and designs to play with. (same point can be good and bad sometimes hahaha)

Michael came to talk with us, we told him about our idea for the world and he suggested that it may be too complicated and it is sometimes better to think up the narrative behind the world and complete that before even designing characters (which makes a lot of sense)

Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to rethink everything before the end of class so we stuck with the element idea for then and there and we planned to develop a different plan the rest of the week after class.

We took a few points into consideration when designing our characters.
we wanted our characters all to look similar but different, so they would have features that connected them and made them look as though they were from the same world. When thinking of this point I thought of the Lilo and stitch series:

within this series we find out that stitch has loads of cousins, each character looks different, but they all hold similarities to show they are related. The creators of this made this happen by creating an algorithm for each character; They would have the same eyes and some facial features, this was a simple format and allowed for you to experiment with the form of the character while they still remained looking similar to each other.

I suggested this series to the group and they liked the idea behind it so we thought we would try it out. We again each took an element and started to draw characters that would hold similar eyes and facial features and physicalities that would adapt them to that element. (we set out eyes that we all liked and found easy enough to draw, prior to drawing)

Below are the ones I drew up for water element.

Although we drew up characters and we each liked each others we still wanted to keep trying for a different idea and expand further, I mean we do have a whole week nearly left.

So we continue… yeeey!



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