Hellooo Marble World!

So a week has come and gone and it’s time to move on, wooooo Exciting! We were moved around today, just a few of us which is kind of worrying but I was happy to move because new things are fuuun!

Conánn moved me to a group with Cassie, Lorna and Robert! Something to be very happy about! yay!

The main objective for the week ahead is to design characters that will inhabit the world. To do so, we had to get the initial grasp of what the world actually is. So we started the day off with searching into the previous groups work up until that point and how they seen the world developing in the future. They had a few ideas mostly focusing around the microscopic insides of the marble, and looking in to what could grow in the glass of marbles.
Here’s some of their idea’s and notes as their own words can explain their idea’s better than myself!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As they didn’t have a finalised idea we decided to try and complete it a little further before even attempting to design characters! They focused mostly on the colours of the marble and how they were formed and the causation of the colours would be made from the weather happening within that part of the marble! An idea we found quite interesting. From here we decided to think more.


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