Cooking up a storm!… A brainstorm!

We started thinking more about all the ideas that could develop from the research already compiled and we started brainstorming things as a team, asking all kinds of questions on how we could form it further!
(To the whiteboard we goooooo!)

As we progressed with our world we started to focus more on the idea  that the marbles colours would be made from the environment of the terrain within the marble rather than the weather causing the colouration.

We thought more about it and decided it might be fun to have the colours be formed by a more elemental force, each colour had different characters in it that adapted to that environment.
Such as, green would be earth and  characters within this section of the marble would be designed to have qualities quite like the creatures that are often earthbound. Large arms and hands to be able to move things and take care of the place. (again I’m really sorry that I am terrible at explaining)

For some inspiration (and also noticing similarities) we looked into avatar: The last airbender!




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