First Day of life drawing!

The first day of life drawing was weird, since some of us had done it last year in foundation we had got used to a certain way of drawing from life it was strange coming into a new environment with a different way of drawing. Also over summer I spent nearly everyday drawing from life, but the way that I used to draw was to never let the pen or pencil I was using leave the page, So that I could quickly capture the movement.
But within animation life drawing mike introduced the idea of capturing the form of the person with shapes and no detail and no continuous lines and I found it super hard!
It made sense to draw the way Mike was talking about, because it allowed you to draw with perspective, size comparison and it keeps the proportions right. But unfortunately my brain and hand couldn’t comprehend the change in style!

But other than that it was fun, It’ll be really useful once I get the hang of it, but for now I will just be practicing a lot more!

(oh also! we had to wait on one of our classmates so mike decided to show us how to draw the perfect circle and then after  we did that he showed us how to draw heads on top of them, so that is to explain the weird looking heads of mine)


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