100 photographs for Depth of field

In this section I experimented with the scale within depth of field and how I could implement it amongst normal situations (mostly because these worked best for convenience). This plan did not work best for me and I wish that I had put more effort into taking more time and patience with this section.


100 for tonality

So I got a bit confused between lighting and tonality and I realised they overlapped a lot within my photographs, so within this 100 you may see ones that look like they belong in lighting but I thought that light gave harsh tones and I really liked that.

100 Photographs for lighting

I still am unsure on wether or not I have categorised these right and with every post I continue to type up, the level of doubt amplifies and I am hoping that when it comes down the finalizing process of 25 images, then the line between them all will be more definitive. But for now I’m going to continue what I’m doing.

So lighting! I found this section to be quite fun, I was still unsure of what all belonged in here, but I thought with numbers I’ll be able to tell what is best out of them all. Within this I looked at how natural lighting hit against objects, walls and other things. I also looked at how manual lighting worked with it’s environment  and how each of these elements created the’re own image.

So here they all are!

Life drawing- Week 5

For life drawing this week we did shaaaaaaaaading!! Yey!! It was pretty fun and I was excited about it because we started to get to do something just a little different. I still enjoy the rst, but mixing it up is always good!! Plus learning thiiiiings! woo


We started off with learning how to shade a ball correctly, it was interesting to learn, we saw you you use the conté to move with the form you are shading, then we also learnt the reflective light that comes from the ground on the opposite side of the light source.

After we started taking it to practice, Michael got us to draw the subject out and then draw a bow around the section we wanted to shade. I found this an interesting approach, I think it turned out okay, I of course need a lot more practice.


Composition in 100 (or more?) Photographs

Just a brief warning (or two) I am obsessed with the sky so prepare for a lot of sky photos and I have too many photos for this category.

Sorry for the abundance of photos and the lack of organisation but first on the list to get posted about is the 100(or more) photographs that I have categorised with composition. I’m finding the division and organisation of photos to be quite difficult as it is hard to separate them because there is a lot of overlapping and less of a definitive line between categories, but maybe that’s just me and maybe it’s because half the time I was just trying to capture the image that I seen with  my eyes rather than capture it is the most appealing way possible for the camera.

I began this project at about 1 in the morning the day after we got it, not with the purpose of getting amazing photos and not even with the purpose of making up the numbers, but just due to the fact that I had been up working till that time and I really needed to go for a walk, so I decided to give my walk with a little more purpose and a little less paranoia.
Here are the photos from that night:

As you can see from these they are awfully yellow and not that great, but I thought I would just put in everything that I have I guess. There was a lot more from that night of buildings shining out this wonderful bluey white light but I put them into a different grouping so you’ll see them on a different post.

And I think that is enough storytelling for now and we’ll get down to the overload of some good and some not so good photographs for this category. Wooooo

Photograph Challenge

We were recently given a photograph challenge, in which we had to take 600 photographs (100 per category) and then narrow them down to  25 for each and finally there would be a chosen 6, that were the best of each category. The Categories were:

  • Composition
  • Tonality
  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Light
  • Depth of fieldWe had two weeks to complete it. (yep, seems like a butt load of time, but trying to get enough photographs that were off a certain standard in that amount of time turned out to be quite the challenge indeed.) I found myself with camera in hand the majority of the day and taking pictures of anything that seemed of interest to me, but I completely forgot to try and take photos with the aim to place them into a category. So now I am trying to take photographs with a little more thought, and i’m running out of time. yey!

New project!.. but the same group and the same world?! woohoo

So we finally got the new project told to us, we have to create storyboards for our world to show it to the best we can. It can be anything and we are kind of excited about this. We also got to stay in the same group again, and I am so happy about that, because this team is so amazing, they are super productive, dedicated and extremely lovely people!! We also got a new team member, Lina! And we are super excited to have a new set of eyes and hands to help us through the project and to see what she comes up with!!

At the moment we have a lot of other work to be doing and we have been given the week to focus more on that work more so than the create a world projects.

We need to do, the photo project, essay plan, a lot of life drawing homework that needs looked in to and also blog posts which are being assessed next week.

So we have a busy time ahead of us, but I am so happy that we get to stick with the same team and I am excited about the project.