Create a World project!


We got our first proper brief today!. Conann formed our groups randomly and the brainstorming began straight away!
We were a group of four; Bethany, Claire, John and I!
Our group began by brainstorming fun and interesting ideas as to where our world could be situated, its size, its shape, what it could do and how it could be formed. Some of these ideas derived from movies, imaginative thought, jokes and looking at what was around us (or on our person).  Throughout this stage we collaborated in thought as to how each idea would formulate & grow, and certain games or articles that inspired them.
We jotted these ideas on the whiteboard and also various post-it notes. This stage of the project was fun and allowed us to communicate easily with each other, without us getting awkward, it also gave us an insight as to how animation, as a degree, will work.

At the end of the day we chose three ideas each and decided as a group to research them individually. The plan was to Gather information, develop the idea slightly and then join together the next day to hear what everyone had come up with.

To make sure we could communicate outside of the uni we made a group chat on facebook, and also a group page, to post our findings.


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