Create a World project!! Brainstorming and research!

The three I chose to expand and research on were:
-A world in a cell on a foot
-A world as a floaty in an eye
-A world within a raindrop
And here’s a wee page from my sketchbook.

Un-knowing of how to cram research and sketches into one book I began the first few pages of my sketchbook.
Within these I discussed how a world may live on a foot and what environment it may develop. As well as this I discussed how it could function, how days and seasons could possibly change and if they would even exist?

To develop an idea of what environment would actually grow and survive on a foot I looked into what chemicals are produced on one’s foot and found an interesting site about body odors.
This lead me to find 3 chemicals that cause the smells on your feet:
– Methanethiol ____smells like____- Sulfur,Garlic
– Propanoic acid___smells like____-Pungent, rancid,sour
– Isovaleric acid____smells like____-Cheesy,fermented,rancid
These could form the world’s atmosphere?

Within my research I found that sweat produced by feet harvests bacteria and allows for a good environment for them to grow. This lead to the idea that the worlds structures could be made up of bacteria. The inhabitants could live within these bacterial structures and form their own world this.
The climate of the world could/would be formed by what the human is doing or wearing. Affecting how the inhabitants would live with the fluctuations caused by the host’s actions, life and what they are wearing.

*Research for a  world on a foot*


A world as a floater in an eye
This world would be based on the idea that a floaty on your eye could inhabit life. It would take place on the tear film.
A tear film consist of:
-water -oil -mucus
These  three elements would form the main environment for the world and could also be the main resources?
On average a person blinks
15,360 times – 16 hour day
23,040 times-24 hour day
A blink would be day and night for the world, that means their years would range from 15,360-23,040 days per year. and  sleep could be a start of a new era for that world? (like the ice age for us?)
An average human eye is 0.61’c- This would be the heat of the world, which is pretty cold. (what would this make the world evolve into?)
-Further research could be what would crow on this planet? what debris gathers in eyes? could this harvest organisms ?

Research for a world on a floaty in your eye
The outer layer of an eye
Floaters in eyes
temperature of an eye
Blinks in a day
Image source

Last but not least the raindrop world, this world became extremely fun to develop and expand. It initally was John’s idea and we developed it from there. Playing with the idea that each raindrop within it was its own world and as they smash into each other when falling they absorb each others environments. Such as if a water world raindrop was falling and collided with a sand world of some sort they would form “a whole new woooorld”. This idea was fun but it was restricting at times, so we decided to take it in a slightly different direction just so we could develop on a particular world with a little more ease.

During the research we looked at how a raindrop was formed.
A raindrop is formed around particles that get lifted up into the air during the evaporation process. The water in a cloud attaches itself to said particle and begins its journey from there. (the particle is formally known as the condensation nuclei and our new world could develop around these within  the raindrop.)

As the raindrop is made up of water we looked into plants that only need water and light to survive, from this we developed our idea further.

The plants could grow from the outside in, and form an air pocket around the condensation nuclei’, meaning their sky could consist of only plants and this would mean that they would breathe oxygen.
More detail about the “science” is in my sketchbook.

Plants that I found!!
-Aglaonemas    -Rhoeo       -wandering jew
-english ivy       -pothos       -arrowhead
-philodendron   -wax plant   -wax plant

we also made a powerpoint to compile all of our research together:


Create a World project!


We got our first proper brief today!. Conann formed our groups randomly and the brainstorming began straight away!
We were a group of four; Bethany, Claire, John and I!
Our group began by brainstorming fun and interesting ideas as to where our world could be situated, its size, its shape, what it could do and how it could be formed. Some of these ideas derived from movies, imaginative thought, jokes and looking at what was around us (or on our person).  Throughout this stage we collaborated in thought as to how each idea would formulate & grow, and certain games or articles that inspired them.
We jotted these ideas on the whiteboard and also various post-it notes. This stage of the project was fun and allowed us to communicate easily with each other, without us getting awkward, it also gave us an insight as to how animation, as a degree, will work.

At the end of the day we chose three ideas each and decided as a group to research them individually. The plan was to Gather information, develop the idea slightly and then join together the next day to hear what everyone had come up with.

To make sure we could communicate outside of the uni we made a group chat on facebook, and also a group page, to post our findings.

The zoo day

We went to the zoo to draw animals and environments, I spent the day trying to capture the movement of the animals as quick as I could before they decided to not like their original position any longer.
Most of my time was spent in the rainforest enclosure near all the birds and sloths because it felt like you were part of their world and not watching them on tv or something.